The only piece of software on this page is !RiscPCB I have other software
but its not what you would call user friendly :-)


RiscPCB is now available in a form that will work on both new 32 bit systems (see www.iyonix.com)
and older 26 bit systems.

To use 32 bit versions of programs on old 26 bit versions of RISC OS, it will usually be necessary to install a new Shared C Library. This is done by upgrading System via !Boot, you can obtain this from here. Some versions of RISC OS Select will stop you doing this unless patched, you can get a patch from Paul Vigay.

RiscPCB is a FreeWare printed circuit board designer for computers using the RISC OS operating system. It was written initially for my own use but hopefully will be of use to someone else.

Most of the PCB programs I've tried to use on the PC are rather complicated, so I have tried to keep the operation of the program as simple as I can making operations similar to !Draw, where possible.

Please note included within the !RiscPCB directory is a help file in StrongHelp format

Click here to Download RiscPCB version 0.40 (Jan 2000)

Click here to upgrade RiscPCB version 0.4x to version 0.47 (Jan 2003)

Please send any comments/bugs via EMAIL Terry Swanborough

Any suggestions regarding the program would be gratefully received.

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What is GCPrevue

GCPrevue is a Shareware PC DOS based gerber file viewer written by and copyright of GraphiCode GCPrevue enables the user to view the gerber files produced by RiscPCB before being sent away for photoplotting it also allows the gerber files to be saved as a single file (.CWK) this file contains all the information needed to produce a PCB ie. gerber, aperture list, drill rack. A copy of GCPrevue is also available from Arcade BBS (0181 6542212) the file size is about 572k the name of the file is prevue.exe and it is in the PC files area GraphiCode products are one of the most used programs in the pcb market so using this method of sending information is about as industry standard as you are going to get.

click here to download GCprevue ( makepv.exe 572K)
makepv.exe is a self extracting Zip file.